Biodynamic Massage Therapy

Biodynamic Massage Therapy

Indulge yourself through a contact with your life force,  your body awareness enhancement and grounding.

Biodynamic Massage Therapy is non-invasive set of skills with a wide range of relaxation to deep healing effect. BMT is particularly well-suited for stress-related and chronic conditions, recovery and post-recovery as well as deep relaxation.
I focus and tune into what is happening in your body, moment by moment and respond through different quality, depth and method of touch. You are directly assisted in resting, letting go, unblocking, awakening and becoming stronger.
Best suited massage will be chosen based on your actual wishes and needs at the time of our appointment. Looking forward to meeting you.

Biodynamic Massages:

Orgonomic – awakens energy in a whole body, vitalizing
Lifting – releases tension in joints, relaxing
Exit – drains tension from externalities, overall harmonizing
Back – breath deepening, overall relaxing
Chest – relaxes breathing and overall thorax
Belly – spontaneous breathing and peristaltic support, relaxes diaphragm, overall relaxing
Head and face – drains tension from the area, overall harmonizing
Baby massage – deep relaxation

My fee for 55 min session is 700 – 800 Kč based on chosen technique.

Please contact me to request an appointment or to have your question answered
at +420 777 666 196 or

Map Kubelikova 3, Praha 3


    The services provided are non-health services and EABP standards